A.V. Chernykh

Anthology of Traditional Prikamye Folklore «A Golden Treasury of Permsky Kray»

Permsky Kray has a very special place in the ethnic and cultural environment of Eurasia. Located at the junction of several ethnic and cultural zones, Europe and Asia, the Great Forest and the Great Steppe, its geographical position has determined the fate and fortune of Prikamye to become the historic crossing where the life of many nations has been intertwined from long ago to this day. The region is one of the top in Russia by its ethnic diversity. The official data alone report that Permsky Kray is home to over 120 peoples. The top ten most numerous of them include Russians, Tatars, Komi-Permyaks, Bashkirs, Udmurts, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Germans, Chuvashes, and Maris, each nation enjoying its colorful and distinctive traditional culture.