Tatar folklore

Traditional Folklore of the Perm Tatars - a unique variety of genres, he retained some archaic elements, clearly describing the local tradition. Particularly interesting and historical place names and legends, these genres have received the greatest development. The historical memory of the Tatar people unusually deep. Centuries passed since then, both in the region were first Tatar settlements, but now in every village will tell you the tradition of its founders. Toponymic legends starkly reveal the story of the appearance of names of rivers and mountains and settlements. A rich variety of different plot and mythological prose: this mythological tales and folk Islamic legend, and bylichki byvalschiny - from creation myths to the scary stories about evil spirits. There are a Perm Tatars tales about animals, household tales. The so-called minor genres of folklore - proverbs, riddles, ritual sentences zaklichki - a treasure of folk wisdom. Children's folklore is represented at the Perm Tatars rhymes, teasers, nursery rhymes. And the conspiracy - a special genre of folklore - until recently extensively used in the practice of traditional medicine. Rich in folklore and poetry of Perm Tatars, song forms. Existed a variety of folk songs - җyr, performed at the time of the wires in the recruits, the wedding ceremony. There are tunes visitality, lullabies, dance, joke, play and lyrical melodies. In Perm Tatars were the development of lyric and epic poetry Bait and religious content in the Tatar language - menezhety - (mөnәҗәt). Feature of the traditional folklore of Perm Tatars - the union in the entire four-line stanzas cycles, performed on a particular tune. In this text the verses quite autonomous. The same verse could be included in the wedding, levy, guest cycles and run on different tunes. The song had been created anew each time, as in the selection of verses have always existed some improvisation. Its impact on traditional folklore has a literary tradition. Quatrains composed by poets, often performed along with folk, singing in one cycle. Tatars live in large parts Perm Perm, was formed several other areas of their residence. In each habitat recorded its features folkloric traditions of separate existence of the folklore texts and genres, specific features of speech. In the villages in the district Suksun Perm Tatars preserved and developed a unique ritual genres of folklore - the wedding laments, performed by the bride from the parental home. In October Tatar villages of Perm Krai area during the collection of gifts to the special verses sung Sabantui - sөrәn җyrlary. In the Tatar villages in the upper Iren performed special verses and chants that once accompanied the tradition of the fall visitality - cooperatives (әrtile, әrtile Zhora - literally "walk team of"). During the "artisanal" sounded particularly artel melody - әrtile kөe. Have been widely circulated musical tunes, and the village street - uram kөe, avyl kөe, in every village performed his own version. It is widely distributed among the Tatars were balamishkin kөe, sarman kөe, mine kөe. At the ringing melodies sung verses of wires into the army, visitality cycles. Musical Culture of Perm Tatars instrumental variable. Execution of traditional tunes accompanied by tunes on the violin, and later - on harmony. Until now, the tradition persists kubyz games - wooden or metal musical instruments. At kubyz performed tunes, often playing on the instrument performance was accompanied by a guest, chastushechnyh dancing and singing. In the anthology, we have attempted to show the diversity of genres and territorial Tatar Folklore of the Perm region. Collected in an anthology of texts written by artists and folk ensembles in Tartar villages in seven districts of the southern region.