Tatars - a Turkic peoples of Russia. The main ethnic territory - the Volga and Ural regions. The Tatar ethnic group was formed in the Middle Volga region, it is here still lives most of the Tatar population. According to the census in 2010 in Russia, there were 5,310,649 Tatars are the second largest nation in the country. The number of Tatars in the Perm region - 115 544 people, this is the second largest nation region. Tatar language belongs to the Kipchak group of Turkic branch of the Altaic language family. Most of the Tatars - Sunni Muslims, with the exception of the Orthodox kryaschen. Tatar rural settlements are located in the Perm region in the south. The Tatar population of the region formed by complex ethnic processes, its foundation - the ancient Ugrian, Turkic population Kama and other ethnic groups, at different times appeared in the region: the Kazan and Siberian Tatars, Bashkirs northern Finno-Ugric peoples - Mari, Udmurt, Mordovians. As a result of a particular ethnic group was formed in the structure of the Tatar people - Perm Tatars. This group is distinguished by a special dialect of the Tatar language, the preservation of many archaic features of traditional culture.